White Black or Other

The Struggles & Triumphs Growing Up Bi-Racial in America


White black or other:

The Struggles and Triumphs Growing Up Bi-Racial in America

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Jason C. Bost, Esq., MBA

After becoming a teenage father, dropping out of high school, getting heavily involved in the drug trade and eventually getting arrested for felony possession with intent to distribute, Jason made a conscious choice to change his life. Leaving the streets & looking towards education as a  catalyst for change, he earned an Associates  Degree at a community college then a Bachelor's Degree before pursuing a career in the recording industry. Managing clients that worked on projects with artists like Kanye West, Jay Z, Carl Thomas, Usher, Fat Joe, Mos Def and many others, and earning numerous industry awards including gold, platinum & diamond certified 

records as well as represented clients on Grammy award nominated and winning projects. Jason decided it was time for yet another change and went back to school, earning an MBA and a Juris Doctor (law degree). Professor Bost teaches under-graduate courses in law and graduate courses in business & business ethics and founded the company that published his first book, an autobiography titled, "White, black or other: The Struggles & Triumphs Growing Up Bi-Racial in America." He is also an attorney focusing on entertainment law and civil litigation and also provides business start up & development consulting. More info on his law practice can be found HERE

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